A Day In Paris – 16 Hours Of Sightseeing, Travelling And Exploring

Paris is the city of romance and lovers. Artistic facades of buildings, pretty house windows, the beloved Eiffel tower, the Seine and obviously gourmet cuisine is what drew us to this place. I am not an architect, artist or a historian to do justice in defining the beauty of what we explored in the city. Some of the things I noticed about the buildings in the city were – the continuity of the buildings, they were nearly uniform in height but still each one was unique in its own way, the facades were artistic and all buildings had 45 degree roof. The archaic street lamps were beautiful and almost similar throughout the city. Paris is not just beautiful but also a well planned city.

We decided to visit Paris to celebrate our 1st marriage anniversary (30th May 2016) and this is how we spent our day in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Start the day with morning run

We reached Paris late night and hence decided to stay at a hotel near the airport for a night. Next day we started at 6:30 am and went for a run to explore the place. I have read about Mark Zuckerberg going for a morning run each time he travels to a new city and hence I decided to give it a try. The pleasant weather, the greenery near the airport, the clean and empty streets and the beautiful landscape energized us for the entire day.

Morning run in an unknown city gives you an idea about the city market, the people, coffee shops and obviously good restaurants for breakfast. Try it!

Morning run - near the Paris airport
Morning run – near the Paris airport
Morning run - near the Paris airport
Exploring the area near the airport

Paris Hop-On-Hop-Off bus tour

After having a scrumptious morning breakfast, we took a train from Paris airport to city centre and checked-in at a hotel in the city. We bought the tickets for Paris bus tour for a day and started exploring all the iconic sights. The bus is an open top-decker coach and hence you can get a clear view of the places around you. Some of the popular places that we saw were the Opera house, Place de la Concorde, Champs Elysées street, Arch of Triumph, Les Invalides, Louvre museum, Bastille, Musee d’Orsay and Notre Dame Cathedral. There’s no better way to soak in the beauty of this place than walking down the streets and checking out the roadside cafes and shops. ‘Bus tour + walk’ is how we explored the city throughout the day.

Ride to the top of Eiffel Tower

After watching the city attractions, we reached the Eiffel Tower. You have an option to buy a ticket for 1st floor, 2nd floor or top of the Eiffel tower. You also have an option of taking the stairs or an elevator ride. We wanted to conserve our energy for other tasks so we waited in the queue for 45 minutes and took the elevator to the reach the 2nd floor of Eiffel tower. We spend an hour there admiring the city view from the Eiffel.

View from Eiffel Tower - Champ de Mars
View from Eiffel Tower – Champ de Mars
View from Eiffel Tower
View from Eiffel Tower

Cruise on the Seine

By the time we were on the cruise, it was already 6:30 pm. The Paris trip would never be complete without a ride along the river Seine. The cruise lets you experience Paris from the whole new perspective. We took an hour rest by just sitting and enjoying the view from the cruise.

An evening in Paris

Paris is also known as ‘the city of lights’. Walk on the roads at night and see for yourself why everybody says that Paris is the most beautiful city in the world. Paris at night is a different city altogether.

We had dinner at Cafe de la Paix, an old style classy restaurant. It was expensive but the food was delicious and the service was great. After dinner, we walked along the Champs Elysées Street admiring the grandeur luxury brand showrooms. Later at night, the Eiffel tower sparkled for 5 minutes and we enjoyed that view. After a memorable, fun-filled and tiring day in Paris, we returned to our room.

This time we paid visit to all the legendary landmarks in the city. Next time we visit Paris, we are going to explore the museums, learn more about the history of the city, enjoy the nightlife and Paris theatres, try more desserts and (hopefully) shop at Champs Elysées. After spending a day in Paris city, I learnt one thing – this city has so much to offer you that no matter how many times you visit this place, you will always have something to look forward to in your next visit.

Must Try food in Paris

  1. Baguette – Paris is known for Baguette. Traditional style Baguette is a must try in Paris.
  2. Desserts – Paris is full of amazing dessert options. So try as many as you can. I would recommend, chocolate Croissant, dessert soups (We had Peach Soup with Almond Ice Cream), Street-stand crêpes, Eclairs and Parisian Patisseries
  3. Croissant
  4. Croque-monsieur
  5. Fine dining –The concept of haute cuisine and gastronomy originated in France and has been inculcated in their culture. Paris is also known for its fine dining restaurants. As these restaurants are very expensive we did not try any of these but I am sure it will be an experience of lifetime.

For Vegetarians – Anything that is not red meat is considered as vegetarian in France (including fish). If you are a vegetarian then specifically mention that you do not eat fish.

More photos from our 1 day Paris tour

The bridge Pont d'Iena near to Eiffel tower
The bridge Pont d’Iena near to Eiffel tower
Statue near the base of Eiffel
Statue near the base of Eiffel
Eiffel Tower (2)
@ Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower (1)
Eiffel Tower
Arc de Triomphe
Arc de Triomphe
An evening in paris
An evening in paris
An Evening in Paris- Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower view from the city
An Evening in Paris (4)
An Evening in Paris
An Evening in Paris - The Luxor Obelisk at the center of the Place de la Concorde
The Luxor Obelisk at the center of the Place de la Concorde
An Evening in Paris - Les Invalides
Les Invalides
An evening in Paris - Fontaine Place De La Concorde
Fontaine Place De La Concorde
An Evening in Paris - Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower @ night
An Evening in Paris - Cafe de la paix - An old style classy restaurant
Cafe de la paix – An old style classy restaurant

5 thoughts on “A Day In Paris – 16 Hours Of Sightseeing, Travelling And Exploring

  1. Its lovely every time you see it. The Eiffel always looks stunning in the night all lit up 🙂 Am yet to make it though to the Opera Garnier. I believe it’s quite a sight


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