Why A Traveller Must Visit Literature Festivals

The best part about travelling is to understand the culture and traditions of the region; meet new people and enjoy the local cuisine. You can do all this at a literature festival. Literature festivals are an important event in the cultural calendar of any country. It teaches us the history of people across time and space which is one of the important things to learn for a true traveller. Recently I visited a literature festival in Pune that inspired me to write this post and include some of the popular literature festivals in the world in my upcoming itineraries. If you have not considered attending some of the popular literature festivals across the world then here are the reasons why you must include this event in your bucket list:

Get your trip sponsored– There are various committees like registration, venue management, author liaison, transport and accommodation, press and media, social media, food and beverages, merchandise and book stores that need volunteers. Be a part of one of these based on your interests and skill-set. You can apply for a desired position on their websites. Literature festival gives you an opportunity to earn money to fund your trip.

Be a part of organizing committee
Be a part of organizing committee

Attend ‘Writing’ Workshops – You will be travelling to learn travel writing – that is super awesome. Literature festival is an interactive platform for writers, publishers and readers. Attend the writing workshops and learn how to write better from some of the veterans.

Meet the Backpackers –.People travel from various regions to visit the literature festivals. You get to meet some of the finest artists in the field of arts, photography, music, languages, cooking, travelling or journalism. Talking to these artists does add to your travel experience.

Interact with the celebrities – Interact with eminent speakers, musicians, writers, artists, journalists and experts in various industries. Listening to their views on the culture, traditions and world history along with some interesting conversations and debates on emerging trends gives you a better understanding about the world that you have set out to explore. You also get to hear interesting personal stories of the people who have travelled the world for their careers.

Interact with the eminent speakers
Interact with the eminent speakers

Enjoy the local cuisine – You have an endless vista of eating opportunities at a literature festival. You get to eat some of the oldest and most revered local cuisines. Savour these local delicacies as it is a delicacy for a reason.

Update your bucket list –The best part about travelling is no matter how far and for how long you travel, there will always be unexplored places. Interact with people, read books and add few more destinations to your bucket list.

Enjoy the Live Performances – Literature festival is not just about books but also about music, theatre, comedy and debates. Enjoy these live performances.

Shopping – Buy some of the latest books, handmade bookmarks and merchandise.

Shopping at Literature Festival
Shopping at Literature Festival

Explore a new city –. You always want a new excuse to travel. If you are not interested in reading then let literature festival be one of the dumb reasons to fly down to a new city.

Pune International Literature Festival
Pune International Literature Festival


World’s best Literature Festivals


India’s best Literature Festivals

14 thoughts on “Why A Traveller Must Visit Literature Festivals

  1. YEah this reminds of the recent Sikh history festival I visited here in london a couple of weeks ago , so much to learn from there ..

    Hopefully will attend one of the literature festivals tooo some day ..

    Thanks for sharing


  2. A great reason to travel, I totally agree. I did the music festivals France in summer and I try to get a volunteering spot at the Fringe festival In Scotland! Let’s see if it works out. Thanks for this, it’s a great advice and another reason to travel , maybe even for free!


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