The Sunshine Blogger Award

It is my pleasure to announce that I have been nominated for The Sunshine Blogger Award! Thank you just making cents  for the nomination. 

About Sunshine Blogger Award – This award is given by a blogger to other bloggers who are an inspiration in the blogging domain. If the award nominees accept the award, they have to answer 11 questions before nominating other bloggers and designing questions for their nominees.


Here are the answers to the questions just making cents put before me:

  1. What is your real-life super power? – My family
  2. How do you use this power? – I spend my free time with my family. We celebrate festivals, travel, try different cuisines or sometimes do nothing. I cherish these moments.
  3. What do you dream about? – Travelling the world
  4. What makes you wince? – Horror movies
  5. If you can go back and change one thing about your life, what would it be and why? – Nothing
  6. How were you raised to think about money? – I come from a middle class Indian family so I usually spend money wherever required. I do indulge in luxuries sometimes.
  7. If you’re a parent, how do you teach your children about money? – Thankfully this question is not applicable.
  8. If you make more than enough to cover your basic needs, travel, and some savings, has more money beyond basic needs/travel/some savings made you happier? – Making money beyond basic needs will make me happier. As my income increases, so does my aspirations to spend more on travelling.
  9. Do you give to charity or research? Why or why not? – I do give to charity because it makes me happy.
  10. You have a magic wand. If you could zap into existence one thing to make your finances better, what would it be? – A Gringotts vault that credits twice the amount that I withdraw from my account.
  11. With this magic wand, what else would you create to make your life better? – I don’t need a magic wand to make my life better. I can do it myself.


Here are my nominees!

Instead of nominating 11 bloggers, I have nominated only those whose blogs I read frequently and it makes me happy:

Anywhere With Brooke – For being my first blogger friend and sharing some amazing posts on my favourite city – Paris

Where is Priyanka – I had to add Jordan and Amsterdam in my bucket list after reading your blogs.

CURLYGIRLABROAD – I loved the way you have described the 13 European countries in your travel posts.

Untraveled Routes – Your posts tell the story about how beautiful and colorful India is! I simply love it!

Chai & Biscuits – Your posts make me realize how beautiful our life is!

Enjoy Living… – I posts are inspiring. Hope to see some of your amazing paintings in your future posts.

Breath Math – Your posts remind me of my school and college days. Math was my favorite subject and hence I enjoy reading your posts.

RANG BIRANGE – You fill my WordPress feeds with colorful pictures.

Indrosphere – I get to read good articles on Astrology, Science and Technology


Rules (follow them if you wish): 

You can accept or reject the award. If you accept the award then –

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • Answer the questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers for the award and write 11 questions to be answered by your nominees
  • Notify the bloggers you have nominated


My questions for the nominees:

  1. What inspired you to start blogging?
  2. Share your favorite blog post and also tell me why you picked this one.
  3. What do you dream about?
  4. Describe a perfect day
  5. If you could wake up tomorrow with a world class talent, what would that be?
  6. Share one of your favorite health tips.
  7. Is there any place or city where you would like to go multiple times?
  8. What is the most delicious dish (food) you have ever tasted?
  9. Which is your favorite travel outfit?
  10. Which is your favorite book and why?
  11. In the future if you write a book, what would the title of your book be?

You are free to accept or reject this award. If you accept the award don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments so I can read your answers and also connect with the bloggers who inspire you!

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