Top 5 Rides @ Universal Studios Singapore

First timers to Universal Studios, we were super excited about our visit. Universal Studios Singapore (USS) is located in one of the most happening places in Singapore – Sentosa Island. Take the Sentosa Express from HarbourFront to reach Universal Studios within minutes. This 50 acres area is fully packed with fun rides, themed restaurants, and shopping areas. The globe at the entrance is enough to make you excited about what lies ahead.

To make it easy for you to understand Universal Studios Singapore area – It is a circular campus and is divided into 7 themes. Each theme is based on a Hollywood blockbuster. You enter the campus from ‘Hollywood’. Hollywood theme is a Hollywood Boulevard replica where you get umpteen shopping and dining options. If you walk clockwise and take a left from Hollywood, you will walk through…

  • Madagascar
  • Far Far Away
  • The Lost World
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Sci-Fi City
  • New York……and finally back to Hollywood

Just grab a USS map at the entrance and you will know where to go.

We visited Universal Studios on a Friday and thankfully it was not at all crowded. Our average wait time for every ride was 15 minutes and of the total 21 rides in Universal Studios, we could cover 8 rides based on what we found interesting.

If we were to rank the rides in the Universal Studios as per our favorites and choose the top 5 then these would be the ones:

  1. Transformers The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle (Motion Simulator)
  2. Revenge of the Mummy (Dark Ride – Roller Coaster)
  3. Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure (Water Raft Ride)
  4. Battlestar Galactica  (Roller Coaster)
  5. Madagascar: A Crate Adventure (Water Boat Ride)

Our Reviews on the Universal Studio rides and how to make the most of 1 day @ the studio:

Madagascar – Madagascar theme has 2 rides Madagascar: A Crate Adventure and King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round.  Our first ride in the Universal Studios was Madagascar: A Crate Adventure

1. Madagascar: A Crate Adventure – Recommended

Once you enter the Universal Studios, you will see a giant boat on the left side of the Hollywood Street, that’s the Madagascar ride. This is a riverboat ride with the four Madagascar superheroes – Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria. The digital projections and surround sound and the Madagascar Characters is what makes it fun. It is a slow ride and kids would love it. At the end of the ride, even you just can’t stop singing – “I like to move it, move it….Ya like to —“

Restaurant @ Madagascar

Far Far Away – Far Far Away is the castle of princess Fiona and Shrek. It is a land of magic and fairies. All the rides in this theme are designed to give you a magical experience.

1. Enchanted Airways – Can be Considered

It is a 1 minute ride which gives you an aerial view of Far Far Away castle. If the waiting line is not more than 15 minutes, do try this one.

2. Shrek 4 D Adventure – Avoid

In a dark chamber in the castle, you get to experience the story of Shrek & Princess Fiona. We found this extremely boring and left the chamber within 5 minutes. If you have a kid who is a Shrek fan then do try this or else it is just a waste of time. Rather than watching this 4D Adventure, do try the delicious Shrek Waffles in the nearby restaurant.

If you have to choose 1 ride from Far Far Away land then it has to be Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey. Even though we missed out on this ride, but the reviews of people who have taken it were good.

Far Far Away
Shrek Waffle


The Lost World – The Lost World zone is divided into two areas: the first one is Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park and the other is based on the popular movie WaterWorld. The Lost world offers 4 rides, out of which we tried only two.

1. Canopy Flyer – Can Be Considered

It is just a 50 Sec ride that gives you a view of The Lost World. It has a 4 seater suspended roller coaster car that glides above the Dino Sorin’ ride. Usually the wait time for this ride is at least 30 minutes, if it’s more than 45 minutes you can skip this one.

2. Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure – Must Try

The river raft takes you through the primeval jungle where you find several animatronic dinosaurs and beautiful waterfalls. You see the Jurassic Park laboratory  before entering a dark tunnel. The only way to get out of the tunnel is to take a raft lift and move up. But does the lift take you to the exit or your way is obstructed by something…. that you will have to find out.

This is a fun ride and a must try in The Lost World


Ancient Egypt – You are transported directly to Egypt as you enter this land. The ancient pyramids, giant mummy statues, and the tombs remind you of the adventures of Alex and Evelyn in the movie – The Mummy

1. Treasure Hunters – Avoid

It is a jeep ride that takes you through an abandoned excavation site in Egypt. This ride is a complete waste of time. It is slow and doesn’t have anything to offer.

2. Revenge of the Mummy – Must Try

The name of the ride is enough to give you a scare. It is one of the highly rated rides in Universal Studios. This rollercoaster is an indoor ride which plunges you into total darkness. The ride is thrilling, suspenseful and exhilarating. We could hear the other passengers screaming as we came face to face with the mummies in total darkness. This is a fun high-speed ride which you must try.

Ancient Egypt

Sci-Fi City – Sci-Fi city is the city of the future. This city offers you 2 high-speed roller coaster, a whirling accelerator and the best 3D battleground – The Transformers. If you love high speeds and adventure, then this is the best place for you in the Universal Studios.

1. Transformers The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle – Best Ride in USS

This is the best ride in the entire park. The 3D battleground takes you to the city of the future where you fight with OPTIMUS PRIME to save the world. You experience falling from a skyscraper, being dragged at high speed in the air and fighting alongside the transformers. The 3D video imagery and the 4D effects makes it so real that you can actually feel it happening, as if you are in the middle of the battleground. We would highly recommend this ride.

2. Battlestar Galactica – Must Try (We didn’t try this one)

1 high-speed adventure (Revenge of the Mummy) was enough for that day. The ear piercing screams of the riders discouraged us from taking this ride. We avoided THE most popular Roller Coaster Rides – Battlestar Galactica. If you are a brave heart, do try this as it looked interesting.

Transformers The Ride

New York – This section of the Universal Studios gives you the feel of America’s grandest city – New York. You can see the typical NYC facades on the buildings. The Lights, Camara, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg is said to be good but we didn’t try any of the rides in this section.

USS is a complete fun package. They have amazing food, nice shopping options and some of the coolest rides in the entire South Asia. If you are in Singapore, this is a MUST VISIT place.
Few Tips To Make The Most Of Your Day @ USS

  • Spend more time in the area that interests you. Kids less than 7-8 years would probably enjoy Madagascar and Far Far Away whereas teenagers and adults would find the rides in Ancient Egypt and Sci-Fi City interesting.
  • We visited Universal Studios on a Friday. The average waiting time was 15 mins and the longest was 40 minutes for the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, which is very less compared to the wait time on weekends. Avoid weekends and public holidays or purchase an express pass to reduce the waiting time.
  • If the average waiting time is 45-60 minutes, you won’t be able to take more than 5 rides in a day. Prioritise the rides and rank them to experience the ones that you would thoroughly enjoy.
  • Larger rides exit through a mini store where you can purchase themed merchandise like toys, souvenirs, and apparels. If you are a transformer fan then the best merchandise you will get at the shop when you exit the Transformer’s ride.
  • Do search for websites that offer discounted tickets. We booked our tickets from and got $10 discount per ticket. We also got $5 discount coupon for every ticket for food purchase at USS restaurant.


Few Clicks – A Day well spent @ Singapore Universal Studios

Jurassic Park
With The Minion 🙂
Ancient Egypt

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