Ubud Travel Guide: Sightseeing & Shopping

Ubud is the most visited place in Bali and for good reason – it’s simply awesome. It stands up to its brand image of being Bali’s cultural heart. You can experience the traditional spas and Balinese hospitality in luxurious resorts located in the middle of the beautiful rainforest, go on a hike to terraced rice paddies, shop for some of the authentic handicrafts in the market, visit the centuries-old palaces and temples, Continue reading “Ubud Travel Guide: Sightseeing & Shopping”

21 Things Every Traveler Must Know About Bali

Bali has been on the top of many travelers list since years. The country is majestically beautiful. We were also lured by Bali’s charms – beautiful beaches, luxury resorts, the famous Balinese spa, the fantastic cuisine, the spectacular volcano treks and the street shopping. To get a feel of local culture and everyday life, we drove for more than 400 km in 6 days taking small breaks at local restaurants, retail shops, and temples on the way. Continue reading “21 Things Every Traveler Must Know About Bali”