One thought on “Recognition

  1. Good Day Neha,
    Thanks for adding me to your network.
    I too was fond of travelling in the years 1970 till 2001 when I was employed. My first foreign tour was on a tramp cargo ship from Visakhapatnam to Mizushima/Japan via Singapore. I sailed on a
    ship but not as a seaman and that too without a single $ in my pocket, when I was bachelor and my salary was Rs.700/- per month.
    Congratulations from bottom of my heart for winning the two awards. For me blogging means -converting the feelings of my heart into words for expression to the world through my blog posts. Just like a flower blooms without thinking if there is anyone to take the fragrance it spreads. I studied at Schools in Gujarati medium and started my first blog in Gujarati. Started another blog in English just because @ 72 I like to do something new and challenging.
    One question – please do let me know what did you like about my blog and the reason for adding me to your network ?
    With my best wishes…


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