Ramoji Film City – Highly Overrated!!!

Rated among the top 3 things to do in Hyderabad on TripAdvisor and recommended by few friends as a one-time visit, we finally decided to visit Ramoji Film City. It is the world’s largest Film Studio complex as per Guinness World Records and you can see this being marketed everywhere including the pamphlets, the website, the tickets, the entrance gate and few more places within the film city premises. Obviously, we had very high expectations! Continue reading “Ramoji Film City – Highly Overrated!!!”

1 Day @ The Kosa Capital Of India – Bilaspur

Bilaspur is a popular city in Chattisgarh. The name “Bilaspur” originated from the Fisher-woman named “Bilasa”. Bilaspur is known for its good quality rice and Kosa Industry. Also, there are many places of historical and archaeological importance like Ratanpur, Mallhar, Talagram, Kuthaghat, Narayan Temple nearby Bilasur city. Continue reading “1 Day @ The Kosa Capital Of India – Bilaspur”

Sewagram Ashram: A Glimpse Into Mahatma Gandhi’s Life

Mahatma Gandhi (Bapu), a man respected and loved globally needs no introduction. I recently got an opportunity to visit Sewagram Ashram (Wardha). It was Mahatma Gandhi’s ashram and residence from 1936 to his death in 1948. The cottage has been preserved exactly the way it was at Gandhiji’s time. Continue reading “Sewagram Ashram: A Glimpse Into Mahatma Gandhi’s Life”